Welcome to The N-Scale Intermodal Page

The purpose of this page is to provide modelers of Intermodal equipment in N Scale (1:160 scale) a place to share modeling tips and techniques for improving the look and running characteristics of commercially available intermodal equipment, and also share ideas for kitbashing and scratchbuilding equipment which is not available.
Commercially available equipment is the heart of most model intermodal fleets. The available models can be separated into three categories: railcars, loads, and Support Equipment (things not generally seen on the rails).
Some commercial models need minor improvements to make them accurate models of their prototypes, or to make them run trouble free. Here are a few tips and techniques for improvements available models.
Some prototype equipment is not yet, and may never be, available to the N-Scale modeler. Here are some suggestions for how to scratchbuild or kitbash models which are not available.
There are many Intermodal links available on the Internet. Here are a few print and electronic resources which included prototype and modeling information.

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